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If your vehicle didn’t come with a backup camera, you don’t have to resign yourself to not having one. There are plenty of options when it comes to aftermarket backup cameras, so finding an affordable solution is fairly easy. It’s a lot simpler to pinpoint the right backup camera when you are familiar with all of today’s most popular options.

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What to Look For in a Backup Camera

Camera Options

One of the main differences that you’ll encounter when shopping for a backup camera concerns the location in which it will be mounted. The most affordable and easiest option is to buy a backup camera that is mounted on the exterior of your vehicle inside a weatherproof housing. Of course, this will affect the outward appearance of your vehicle, so it may not be right for you.

A less conspicuous option is to choose a so-called keyhole backup camera. These flush-mounted cameras are installed inside of holes that are drilled in the rear bodywork of vehicles. You will have to be willing to have a hole drilled in the bodywork of your car to use this type of camera.

License-plate backup cameras are also quite popular. Some models obscure vehicle tags, though, and that is a no-no in many states. Before spending your money on this option, make sure that it is kosher where you live.

Imaging Sensing Technologies

Another decision you’ll have to make is the type of image-sensing technology that your backup camera will use. There are two main options: complementary metal oxide semiconductor, or CMOS, sensors, and charge-coupled device, or CCD, sensors.

CCD sensors are the gold standard in modern backup cameras. They offer superior resolution, and they are exceptionally sensitive. Not surprisingly, they are also on the pricier end of the scale. If cost is a key concern for you, this may not be the best option.

CMOS sensors are less sensitive, and the resolution that they provide isn’t quite as sharp. However, they go a lot easier on the pocketbook. There are plenty of very effective backup cameras that use CMOS sensors, so you won’t be selling yourself short by investing in one.

Additional Considerations

You will have to make a few additional decisions before investing in a backup camera:

  • Low-light and night-vision cameras are available. If you do a lot of driving at night, you might want to buy one.
  • View – Most backup cameras display images in reverse, but some models allow you to switch to normal view as well.
  • Auto-On – The vast majority of backup cameras automatically switch on when you put your car in reverse.
  • Angle of View – Several different options are available when it comes to a camera’s angle of view, so be sure to explore them thoroughly.

In terms of setting up your backup camera, there are complete kits available that including mounting hardware, LCD monitors and cameras. Wireless backup cameras are also available. If your car came with a navigation system with an LCD screen, you may be able to buy a backup camera that integrates with it seamlessly.

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audiovox rear view mirror with built in camera screen

The industry's first smart rear-view mirror with dash cam video recorder, Bluetooth, rear and side view camera function with optional iGO navigation.

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  • TOUCH-FREE CONTROLS - Built-in proximity sensor, to control settings/obtain video driving snapshots.
  • BUILT-IN HD DRIVING VIDEO RECORDER - 180 Degree Wide-angle view, 6-layered camera lens, CCD sensors for 1080 x 720 HD output
  • FM RADIO TRANSMITTER - Set radio station and use the vehicle's speakers to hear clear voice prompts.
  • HANDS-FREE BLUETOOTH® CALLS - built-in microphone minimizing noise to deliver clear calls using vehicle's speakers.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS - Connect to Wi-Fi, create a Wi-Fi hotspot & stream the Wi-Fi signal to your mirror.