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Tired of getting into a cold or hot vehicle? If so, have the experts at Mobile Electronics install a remote start system in your vehicle today. For a little extra piece of mind, consider upgrading to a feature-packed security system. Your vehicle is a valuable investment, and CompuStar alarms and remote starts have multiple features to help protect that investment. Optionally add a GPS tracking system (Computrack), that takes vehicle protection to another level, as a stand alone or upgrade to your CompuStar alarm.


If you want to know that your vehicle is running or armed, check out the expanded line-up of 2-way products by Compustar that we carry. Want the ultimate in remote start and auto security convenience? Check out the Drone Mobile control unit, with Smartphone App. It supports iPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphones, giving you the ability to communicate and control your vehicle on the go.

Contact our Solutions Specialists today to find out which remote start/vehicle security system is right for you. Ask about On-site Installation!

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  • Arm / Disarm
  • Remote Start / Shutdown
  • Trunk Release
  • GPS Tracking
  • Push Notifications
  • Web Control
  • Multiple Vehicle Control

For iPhone, Blackberry and Android

compustar pro series

Compustar PRO Series

compustar remote model rf-p2w901-ss The Compustar PRO RF-P2W901-SS gives you full control over your vehicle with Spread Spectrum technology, the industry's most powerful and reliable radio frequency, giving you 1 mile of range and 2-way confirmation of commands.


compustar remote model rf-p2w902-sp The RF-P2W902-SP 2-way remote features Compustar's Super Heterodyne Plus, which gives you up to 3000 feet of extended range and also gives instant LED confirmation whenever you lock or start your vehicle.


 compustar remote model rf-p1wg4-ss The Compustar PRO RF-P1WG4-SS 1-way remote, with its sleek and intuitive design, featuring Spread Spectrum technology, allows you to secure and start your vehicle from up to a mile away.


compustar remote model rf-p1wg7-sp The RF-P1WG7-SP features Compustar's Super Heterodyne Plus, which gives you up to 3000 feet of extended range. It is also Compustar's most durable 1-way remote due to its heavy-duty and water-resistant casing.


compustar remote model rf-p1b-sh The newRF-2W1B-SP 2-Way Slice JR compacts the same features of the original Slice into a smaller package with a single button for ultimate convenience! The RF-2W1B-SP starts your vehicle, locks/unlocks your doors and provides 2-way LCD confirmation in up to 2000 feet of range. Can be installed in most manual transmission vehicles.

Slice JR RF-2W1B-SP

compustar remote model rf-2w940-ss slice The Slice RF-2W940-SS, features a thin-designed flexible printed-circuit board (nearly 50% thinner than other remote starters) and can reach your car from up to 4000 feet away. Its 2-way communication gives users confirmation whenever lock or start commands are successfully transmitted via vibration, audible, and visual alerts emitted by the remote’s LEDs.

Slice RF-2W940-SS
compustar prime series

Compustar PRIME Series

compustar remote model rf-2w9000-ss Using Spread Spectrum technology, Compustar users could start and secure their vehicles from a mile away even with obstructions like buildings or nature. The RF-2W9000-SS also features an LCD screen which gives you confirmation of your vehicle’s status at all times.


compustar remote model rf-2w704-sh The RF-2W704-SH is an entry level 2-way pager. This remote can send and receive signals from up to 1500 feet, using Super Heterodyne technology. It offers a large, colored LCD display that’s easy to read.


compustar remote model rf-2wg5-sh The RF-2WG5-SH utilizes 2-way LED confirmation. When sending lock or start commands to your vehicle, the remote’s LED lights blink an amber color when used with the remote's primary vehicle. Confirmation of successful transmission is indicated by flashing green lights and audible alerts.


compustar remote model rf-1wg5-ss The RF-1WG5-SS, an intuitively-designed powerful 1-way remote, features Spread Spectrum technology providing up to 1 mile of range to secure and start your vehicle.


 compustar remote model rf-1wg6-am The RF-1WG6-AM 1-way remote is Compustar's most durable remote due to its heavy-duty and water-resistant casing. Drop it on the ground, drop it in water, you'll know that your remote will still work flawlessly! Provides up to 1000 feet of range, utilizing Am technology.


 compustar remote model rf-1bam The RF-1BAM is Compustar’s most compact solution for remote start and security systems. Pair it with DroneMobile so that you can secure and start your vehicle from anywhere in the world. Features AM technology with up to 800 feet of range and 1-way communication.